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Different Colors in Periods

Why different colors in period occurs??

There are some reasons women experience different colors in blood. Following are the colors,

Millennial Pink

Kool Aid Red

Cranberry Red

Dark Brown



Millennial Pink

Due to science, it usually occurs when the period is beginning or ending. Its shade is normal because when the fresh blood is mixing with cervical fluid.

Other Scientific Reason:

Low-Estrogen hormonal anti-conception medication

Kool Aid Red

This tropical-colored stuff represents the new kid on the block. If you only have bright red periods, that is totally normal. It just means that your uterus is shedding at a quicker rate.

Other Scientific Reason

If you’ve had rough or adventurous sex recently (meow), you may notice some bright spotting in between periods, which is a sign that your cervix is still recovering.

Cranberry Red

It indicates that you are healthy. In some cases, it maybe a problem because maybe the cycle is irregular. Kindly concern the doctor for this case.

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