Your Handbag Is More Than Just an Accessory

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Do you just grab a handbag and rush to work? Because the way you carry a handbag reflects your style and sense of fashion.

Being trendy is every girl’s dream, but few meticulous fashion geeks only succeeds in looking classy and beautiful at the same time. Many often neglect the concept of a handbag adding more elegance to your over-all get up. Why? Because the y are considered expensive. However, if you use sammydress coupon, you can get them at quite good rates.

As clothing trends change, would it be right to carry the same old handbag you carried a year before. Although this summer bags are diverse: from eye-catching, elaborate and embellished shapes to not-so-simple classic styles, yet not the palette but bright, like canary yellow, rich red and cobalt blue for a standout summer statement, with red over-taking the liking of many designers.Mini sized, handheld with straps loose or hanging neatly by your side is more in fashion now-a-days. So if you go shopping for your new handbag, a mini sized, with the flamboyant colored will just be awesome.College going girls are also seen found of this latest red handbags trend for women You can carry the red handbags and red clutches with the red outfits are well as any other outfit. Different embellishments are also used on these red handbags to make them look more attractive and charming. Pearls, stones, beads, laces, net and many other accessories can be seen decorating these red handbags. All such handbags are available at cheap prices if you use sammydress coupon.

When it comes to the way of carrying a handbag, one should be more conscious of the body structure; if your height is tall, then it’s good to have handbag along your shoulder and close to your elbow, but if your height is normal or less than normal then try to have a cute small handbag with minimum chins or stripes easy to adjust.


Do not ever take your handbag for just a convenience to put your cell-phone securely in, it’s got more to it. Actually, body language experts are insistent upon the idea that your gait, that is incomplete without a bag for most females is a portal to your inner personality.

If you wear your handbag close to your body and over your shoulders, you are practical and driven by utilitarian motives. If its worn over one shoulder with the bag swinging freely, indicates a priority on ease and functionality over display. If it is worn cross-body with the bag in front of the body reflects a more cautious personality, someone who is reticent or shy. When people wear it cross-body with the bag behind the body, then for sure you have stumbled upon “an urban warrior” with a clear goal. The most clichéd style of wearing the handbag is when it is worn in crook of elbow, bags worn like this often portray a priority on status and position, and you are de-operationalizing one of your arms in order to carry something, telling everyone you do not need to use both arms as you move around.

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