The Grammys Shown with Some Awesome Eyewear

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The Grammy’s is much more than an award show. It is a platform where not only our favorite stars get recognized for their melodious music, but is a place where the stars shine with the latest trends. Whatever they wear, whether it is a dress, their shoes, a designer watch or even an eyewear, they make more than music over there. Celebrities spoke volumes about fashion and style. Some of the eyewear trends which literally rocked the Grammy were:

Aviator Glasses

The Aviator style of glasses never ever goes out of fashion. It gives you a rugged and a cool look. Marc Anthony looked like a star straight from the 1940s when the aviators were first won by the fighter pilots. John Mayer also carried the glasses in the best manner. You can get a variety of aviator glasses from Zenni Opticals. Don’t forget to use the Zenni Optical Promo Codes for a huge discount.


Black Out Lenses

Various celebrities were also wearing black out lenses during the event. Many pop stars were seen wearing them with Elly Jackson simply rocking the scene in his John Lennon inspired round frames.

Black Out Lenses

Geek Chic Glasses

Not every celebrity came to the event carrying a cool look. Some really showed off their geeky side by wearing spectacles with black frames. You can achieve the same geeky yet chic look by using the Zenni Optical Promo codes.



Colored Lenses

Colored lenses in different shades of orange, ombre and even yellow seemed to be really popular among the celebrities. Most of the celebrities were carrying their colored lenses with a golden frame.

The type of eyewear you wear can really add more character to your overall personality and style statement. Make sure that you always buy such pairs which make the best traits of your personality stand out from the rest.

Colored Lenses