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We all love our beds more than we actually realize or admit. Our bed is not just somewhere we take rest at, but the place we feel the most comfortable at. This is why it is really important that we purchase some wonderful bedding for this priced possession and keep it spic and span and germ free a well. Hayneedle has got a wonderful variety of bedding available and by using the Hayneedle Coupon code, a huge discount can also be received on the purchase as well.

Here are some tried and tested ways by which you can keep your bedding clean and add more to its life as well:

Instructions on How to Wash the Sheet

Your bed sheet should be washed at least once a week. This is because dust gets settled over it during the 6 or 7 days in which it remains on the bed. For washing a sheet, you should read the washing instructions which are mostly attached with the sheets. Avoid the use of bleach unless it is really unavoidable. If your bed sheet requires being dry cleaned then do not opt for putting it in a washing machine.

Hang the sheet with the wrong side out in shade for drying. However, you can tumble dry it as well according to the instructions. Keep the sheets folded in your closet. However, if your sheets are wearing out then you should discard them.

Instructions on How to Wash the Pillows and their Cover

Since pillow covers mostly come with the sheet, they should be washed right after a week. However, your pillows need to be washed at least once a year. Just make sure the pillows are secured in the best way when you put them in the washing machine. Instead of using a powdered detergent, go for a mild liquid based one. In this way, no marks will be left on your pillows after washing.  You can once wash the pillows with detergent and next time just with plain water for retaining their natural fluffiness.

For drying the pillows, keep your dryer on a low heat. You will notice that after drying, your pillows will become even fluffier.

For the daily care of your pillows, simply pat them every day you make your bed.

Instructions on How to Wash the Comforter

Every comforter comes with a cover. You can easily wash and dry it by following the instructions by the manufacturer. You should wash the cover at least once a week if you are not using any cover on the top of it. However, if you are, then washing it once a month is just perfect as well.

You can add more to your collection of bedding by using the Hayneedle coupon code  Whether you can wash your comforter at home or not entirely depends upon the size of your machine. It is much better to take it to a Laundromat who has got machines big enough for a comforter to get washed easily. Washing your comforter once a year is totally fine. For increasing its life, you can simply hang it on a clothesline for letting some fresh air pass through it.