Living Room Decor Trends 2016

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Living Room Decor Trends 2016

If there is any place in the house where you spend lots of time with your family, it’s the living room. With that in mind, the living room has to be one of the best furnished rooms in the house in terms of comfort and space. The decor needs to suit the liking of every person in the family, which is why it is necessary that you customize it to your liking as much as possible. The living room needs to be lived in, which is why you need to make it as homely as you can. While customizing it is most people’s preference, that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep in mind the latest decor trends when renovating or upgrading your living room. Since furnishing is quite expensive nowadays, decide on a well planned out game plan, before you hit the stores. Also, home depot coupon codes and home depot promo codes can help you some in the pricing department.

So, what are the living room decor trends of 2016 that you should know about?

Gadget-Free Zone

While technology keeps advancing with every passing day and people become even more immersed in the digital world, designers are opting for a gadget-free living room which gives the entire family relief from the digital world and allows them to spend some quality time bonding with each other, instead of being glued to their gadgets. A gadget-free zone does not take away the charm from your living room, but adds to it, giving it a warm and cozy vibe.

Fireplaces Are The New In

If anything has come back with a bang this year, it is the fireplaces. Whether you opt for a more metallic, retro fireplace, or a traditional, brick walled one, a fireplace is one thing that will definitely look stylish in your home and will exude charm and warmth.

Gone Are The Days Of Minimalism

A year ago, minimalism was the new hype with all designers opting for a simplistic approach to decor whether it be the living room or the entire house. 2016 brings with it a change of approach, with designers now incorporating a fully decorated approach in their themes. Living rooms no longer look bare, but extremely well decorated and full. Paintings on the walls, frames and decoration pieces on the tables, cushions and rugs, the living room looks like a comfort zone now.

Vast Windows

Another thing that has become increasingly popular this year is the large windows, bringing-the-outdoors-indoors kind of approach to decor. Naturally lit rooms with lots of fresh air and breathing space are the new trend. Soak in the sunlight while sitting in the vicinity of your living room.

Natural Vibes

Designers also seem to be liking a natural theme this year, with them bringing in lots of natural, earthy greens and browns to living rooms, and using plants, both fake and real, as centrepoint decoration pieces. The ‘Go green’ slogan seems to have been used by most designers in their collections this year.