Ideas About How to Transform Your Laundry Room

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Laundry room is probably the most ignored area of every house. Most of the times the clothes are just lying around in piles and the laundry never seem to get done. The detergents, brushes and other washing items all look scattered. Moreover, somehow everything gets up dumped into this one room. Usually a laundry room is really small and major renovations cannot be simply carried out. However, Home Depot provides with some really awesome and practical solutions which can be carried out easily without the need of having some expert help.

Remove the Baseboards

First of all you need to remove the baseboards from your laundry room. Usually this is the kind of work which requires someone strong and one who is good at smashing. You can either call the professionals for help, or you can simply ask some male member of your family with lots of muscles to do the smashing for you.

Get Some Groove Boards and Solid Wood Tongue

These two things are definitely very practical when you want to bring that oomph to your tiny laundry room. These simple things can totally change the complete outlook of the room and also provide you with ample room for storage as well. You can even spray paint the boards in your favorite color, probably the same as that of your washing machine.

Attach the Boards to the Wall

Take a construction adhesive glue and use it to attach the boards to the wall. You do not need to use a lot of it. If you want to do it the easiest way, then get a battery powered adhesive gun from the Home Depot and save on it by using a home depot coupon. You have to make sure that the planks are leveled accordingly.

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Get Some Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are the best when it comes to hiding the sore points. You can buy a few from the Home Depot and place all your washed towels in them. Place them on a shelf which I at a level that even your children can reach them easily. You can even label the storage baskets according to the items stored in them.  Get a bigger basket for throwing in all the dirty laundry but make sure that it has a cover so that they do not make the otherwise perfect room look ordinary.


Yes, you can and actually you should decorate your laundry room as well. Buy a floating shelf from Home Depot and place a few artificial plants on it. You can even place a book or two over there for keeping yourself busy when the machine is running. You can even print a guide to washing your clothes and get it framed. It will make your laundry room look more organized. You can even get a small blackboard installed and write down the whole washing schedule for the week on it.

You can avail huge discounts on different items needed for renovating your room and even shipping by using the home depot coupon.