How to Take Care of a Vehicle which is going to stay in a Garage during winters

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Winters can be really harsh for not just some people but cars as well. With the winter season approaching, you have to take extra care of your car whether you are going to use it regularly or planning to let it stay in the garage. If you are planning to do the latter, then you should spend some time in making sure that you take care of the important things first.


Charge the Battery Regularly

It is as much important to keep that car’s battery, which is going to remain in the garage, charged as the battery of a running vehicle. For this purpose, attach the battery with a trickle charger so that when you start the car after a few months, its battery has not run down. If you do not have a trickle charger, then you can get one using the Advance auto parts coupon. You can even take out the battery entirely from the car, use it for some other purpose or totally sell it off. By the time you are ready to again make your vehicle run, you can get a new battery from Advance Auto Parts.


Go for Fuel Preservation

When you are planning not to use your vehicle for an entire season, it is really important to preserve the fuel. Go for a fuel which is 100% gasoline. Also buy a fuel preservative and get it fitted in the gas tank. This will prevent any likely damage happening to your car’s fuel system.

Get the Issues Fixed

If there are certain issues pertaining to the vehicle, make sure to get them fixed before letting it stay in a garage for a couple of weeks. Check the battery, the wires; get the oil changed as well. Make sure that you get antifreeze in the car as well so that the engine does not get affected.

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