How To Choose The Color Of Your Glasses

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Eyeglasses are one place you do not want to err with, when out to buy yourself a pair, since you will be having them on most parts of the day, and they need to effortlessly become a part of your look and personality. Therefore, choosing the perfect pair seems to be an arduous and cumbersome task, especially since glasses do not come cheap. Zenni optical coupon & promo codes 2016 gives you some relief on this matter, though. While the shape of the frame plays a crucial part in finding the perfect pair of glasses for you, so does the color of the glasses you are going to be donning all day, every day, till you buy your next pair. Therefore, it is essential that you pay as much attention to the color of the glasses as you do to the shape of the frame. So how do you go about choosing the most suitable color of glasses for yourself?

The Color Of Your Hair

One of the things that play a major role in how good a pair of glasses will look on you, is the color of your hair. If the color of the glasses does not go well with the color of your hair, it is a recipe for disaster.

  • Blondes: There are two types of blondes, those with warm undertones in their hair, and those that radiate towards platinum undertones. For the latter, warm hues would be better in their glasses, like shades of caramel, brown, golden and even lighter colors like peach. However, for the platinum blondes, pinks, blacks, blues would be the perfect solution.
  • Brunettes: If you are on the lighter side of the spectrum, then opt for the same colors a platinum blond would, blacks, blues, pinks, and basically darker colors. If you are on the warmer, darker side of the spectrum, then you can experiment with softer browns, off-white shades and lots of greens.
  • Redheads: You need to go for tortoise colored glasses, while you can also try more solid colors like black and green, foregoing colors of the golden, caramel variety.
  • Black hair: If you have hair like the night, then you can opt for blues and tortoise shades and even malty hues.
  • The greys and whites: Black, greyish blues and red are your color if you are aiming to brighten up your face and liven up your personality.


The Color Of Your Eyes

Another thing to remember when buying eyeglasses is that the color of your eyes plays an important part in determining how well a pair of glasses will suit you. Therefore, here are some pointers on what colors will look the best on you if you have a certain color of eyes.

  • Brown: Soft pastels will give the perfect clash of colors to make your eyes more obvious, and natural shades of brown and green, will add depth to your look.
  • Blue: Depending on whether you want your eyes to be more prominent, or have an overall intense effect, you need to opt for contrasting colors like different shades of brown, or for similar colors like different shades of blue.
  • Hazel: Browns and greens work great with hazel eyes, either accentuating the golden flecks in hazel eyes, or adding depth to them.
  • Green: Many colors work well with green eyes, specifically shades of coral for a contrasting look, and shades of earthy greens for a more intense one.