How To Accessorize For A Wedding

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So you’re attending a friend or loved one’s wedding in a couple of weeks and have the perfect dress for the occasion but don’t know how to accessorize for the wedding without being overdressed or under dressed, well, it could not be an easier task.

There are universal rules that apply to all guests when attending a wedding, do not wear white/cream, and definitely, do not wear black! It is not your day, and neither are you attending a funeral, so save those pieces for a later, more appropriate occasion. Anything too gloomy or that seems to steal the spotlight from the bride is a no, no and that includes showing too much skin. But what can you wear with a dress to increase its elegance? Here are some essential accessories to be worn at a wedding.1435088818192-P-2765392


From earrings to necklaces to bracelets to rings, accessorize with jewelry like it is your right this day. If you’re going to put up your hair in a bun, then wear earrings. Accessorize with jewelry according to your dress and your hair and makeup. Make sure you balance things out and don’t pile up things onto each other. If your dress has too much bling, make sure your jewelry mutes it down a little. Become an expert in the art of balance. Delicate jewelry is more acceptable at weddings, while heavy jewelry may be left for the bride to wear. Your goal is to look elegant, not to overpower the bride.


Normally, you would wear heels to a wedding. But depending upon the venue and the type of event the wedding is, you can fluctuate between different types of heels to sandals for a beach wedding as well. However, flip flops definitely do not make the cut, so avoid those with a vengeance.


Learn to balance your outfit, so if you think your dress is pretty simple, spice it up with some chic earrings and a statement handbag. There is no hard and fast rule to the type of handbag one can wear to a wedding so you do not have to stick to a certain kind. However, the most popular choice for weddings are clutches that are not very huge, nor are they very tiny and can carry all your essentials like phone, credit card, a lipstick or two and your trusted face powder.

Dressing up for a wedding is a very easy process if you know what to follow and what to not do. It is rather very hard to mess up a dress for a wedding and with a week or two of preparation; you are bound to look gorgeous, elegant and sultry. If you are shopping for a wedding event at short notice and a tight budget, search for some Zaful coupons & promo codes 2016  to make the process easier. They offer some of the best discounts on all kinds of accessories. And remember, just because it’s not your wedding, doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful.