Handbags Trends 2016

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Handbags Trends 2016

A handbag is an essential part of any outfit and a practical one too. Since most women’s clothing does not include elaborate pockets, it is quite hard for them to store many of their essentials. The one solution that encompasses everything is a handbag, therefore, it’s importance in a woman’s wardrobe. A handbag can make or break an outfit, which is why it is crucial that you keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion so that you can carry your outfit better.

A handbag is a very expensive accessory, which is why it is harder to keep buying new ones, every couple of months or so. Zaful coupons and zaful coupon codes give some relief in that department and give you quite a bit of reduction on prices.

Let’s give you some pointers on what kind of handbags the designers brought to runways this year.

Minibags Are The New Hype

The size of the handbag gets smaller this year with minibags making it big on the runways. This practical bag will make it easier for you to carry it anywhere without compromising on space and still allowing to bring all your essentials with you. So if you were previously scared of carrying a small bag last year, this year is your time to shine. The large handbags of yesteryear are out and the minibags are here to rule the racks for the next year.

Circular Bags

This is one trend that seems to catch everyone’s eye this year, with it’s unique and adorable look. It comes in varying sizes, and has already stolen quite a few hearts. So if you truly want to be trendy this year, go out and get yourself a circle-shaped bag.

Bling, Bling Is Definitely In

From embellishments, to huge stones, to embroidery, the bling, bling bags are the new statement bags of 2016. If you want to add that little bit of spice to your outfit, or if you think your outfit is a tad bit boring, you know what to carry! These bling, bling bags seem to have made it to most designers collection and definitely being loved by the masses. Nothing says elegant like the right amount of bling on a statement bag.

Fringe Bags

With the oncoming spring season, the fringe bags seem to make it big in the market. Nothing screams fun like some bright colored fringe bags. However, since they come in different colors, you have a variety of options to choose from, whether you are aiming for some fun-filled festival, or a more somber occasion.

Graphic Bags

If you are aiming for a more funky and fun look, graphic bags are the way to go. From a variety of of faces to fruits, to more decent natural art, these bags are very chic. Need to loosen up and liven it up a little? Carry a graphic bag and you will instantly see a change in your entire persona. These bags give a carefree vibe like no other.