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Living Room Decor Trends 2016

When it comes to interior design, the only reason you keep putting off redecorating is because of the sheer amount of work that goes into it! With procrastination hitting you hard, and summer at its peak, you must put this battle of wills to an end, and figure out how to give your home a summery, vibrant look!

With home decor, another hesitation factor is the large investment required to give your home a makeover. It bears you down and you choose not to go ahead with your plans. Buckle up, though! Redecorating your house is not about spending thousands of dollars, it’s about innovative, creative methods. With some DIY and some hard work, and also some help from home depot coupons, you can give your house a summery makeover without breaking your bank account.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer decor is pillows. Pillows everywhere! Large pillows, small pillows, cushions, the entire humdrum! Not only do they give your house a bubbly look, they can also elevate the decor if you have minimalist furniture and walls. Go for some colorful, vibrant, printed pillows that give a popping effect and enhance the house’s decor! Also, floor cushions that you can use on the porch or on the patio are remarkable way to bring in the cozy with the good looking.

Bright paints

If you have minimalistic walls, or you opted for darker paints, it is time for a complete overhaul. Get out your old dungaree overalls and get to work! Bright colors like teal, fuschia, different shades of purple, yellow and green are what you should opt for in summer. Get your hands dirty and paint your walls and feel the immense satisfaction! The best way to usher in summer is by painting your walls. They uplift the entire household!


Bright, colorful rugs make my day! They should make yours too!. Whether it’s for the outdoors or the indoors, these beauties do not disappoint. They add a sense of coziness while also giving the place a vivid and animated appearance! Don’t feel like changing too much in your decor? Just grab a couple of these from Home Depot!

Outdoor furniture

Even if you aren’t very keen about outdoor furniture, summer is the season of the outdoors! So grab yourself a PE wicker sofa and add to the beauty of your porch or patio, while being able to enjoy the outdoors as well