Fabrics For Summer Dresses

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Fabrics For Summer Dresses

As the heat rolls around, it is time to start thinking about what to wear for the summer already. When it comes to summer, you think of lesser clothes, less layers, thinner fabrics and not a lot of accessories. Well, that is what the summer allows for considering the immense heat. For the fabrics, you start thinking lighter, breezier, and definitely not so thick. So before you go out and give your wardrobe an entire makeover, it is better that you know as much about summer fabrics as possible, since it is never easy to buy so many clothes in bulk, especially in season. Clothes are normally overpriced this time of the year and collecting coupons like SammyDress coupons that help you buy those dresses and clothes at much cheaper prices.

So before we go off topic, let’s figure out what are the best summer fabrics that let your skin breathe and are sufficiently airy.




One of the most popular, if not the most popular fabric for summer wear is cotton. It’s features and characteristics are everything a summer fabric needs to be. Light, breathy, durable, it is an ideal fabric. Moreover, it comes in different weights which is another plus point. It’s durability adds to it’s popularity since it means that you can wash it again and again without worrying about ruining the fabric, which is a necessity for any summer fabric. This natural fabric is a winner and should make it to everyone’s summer fabrics list.



A fabric that easily wrinkles, with only the wrinkling to add to its negative points, linen is another favorite when it comes to summer fabrics. Not only is it light and breathy, it also has texture to it which makes it a little more versatile. It is one of the most comfortable fabrics to don and is definitely easy to wear, literally.


You might not have thought of this one as a summer fabric, but here is a fun fact, it totally is! Yes, lace just made it to our summer fabrics list and should definitely make it to yours if you want something different to wear this summer. It is another light and airy fabric, but one that adds so much more elegance to your entire outfit. If you want to go a little over and beyond and don a dressier outfit in the summer, it is necessary that it contain lace in it.



Another rather elegant, classy and dressy fabric is silk that is very suitable for the summer season. Silk has some of its bad points in store for you, but if you’re looking for something dressier to wear, it is the perfect option. Despite its heat retaining properties, it is a lightweight fabric.




Another dressier fabric, but a very lovely one that can be worn casually as well. It allows for lots of ventilation and is an absolute beauty. The only downside to this fabric is that you would need to wear a tank top or camisole underneath it.