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Dress shirts (a button-up shirt with a collar, long sleeves and wrists cuffs), have been part of men’s fashion since ages. No matter what the fashion trends are, dress shirts are always in. Most men wear dress shirts that do not fit properly. Due to ill fitting costume, they are uncomfortable. To ensure your comfort, a number of factors are highlighted below which can help you achieve better fitting and an amazing outlook.

Dress Shirt Fabric

A finely woven cotton exhibits all the properties a man could want from a garment worn to the body, good heat and moisture conduction, durability, smoothness and the ability to take shape when ironed. Other fabrics that are commonly used are manmade. Though they do not posses all the desirable properties, but they stay wrinkle free and are cheaper. Silk dress shirts are also used. They are quite expensive and maintenance costs are high.

Dress shirt color

White, the most common shirt color has been dominating the scene. To this day, white still reigns as the most formal color. Blue dress shirts are a safe alternative to white ones. And its dominance is due to the fact that it has the ability to compliment most men’s complexions. Other colors commonly worn include pink, gold, lavender, off-white and even red. They can compliment every complexion out there, provided you master wearing these shades properly.

Dress shirt pattern

The simplest and most formal pattern is solid, yet it has versatility. It helps a man better display the style and fit of his garment. Next comes stripes, horizontal and vertical one. Vertical ones are preferred generally, because it creates illusions for the wearer of appearing taller. Horizontal stripes are difficult to pull off on formal occasions. When choosing a stripe shirt, do not go for bold colors that clash with pants color. Try and stick to the right colors for your skin tone, when choosing the colors for your stripes. A variety of check patterns exist. Gingham is great for summer shirts and makes men look brighter, and can be almost worn for any occasion. Houndstooth and Tattersale pattern are worn on more casual occasions.

Dress shirt style

The shirt collar should be such as to properly balance and frame a man’s face. It’s the visible part of shirt, when wearing a jacket. The two variants, point and spread colors are commonly chosen over others. Point collars give an elongated look to the face. Spread collars are best for men with a medium to long shaped face. Shirt cuffs have two variants too, button and French. French ones are formal and cufflinks must be worn with such cuffs. Button cuffs are casual to formal. Shirt buttons can vary from plastic ones to pearls which are made from shells and are of high quality and are more durable.

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