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It’s time for the sun to reign the outdoors for the next couple of months. Yes, you guessed it correctly. It’s summer! The season of scorching heat, cold drinks, watermelons and mangoes is here! The mangoes make everything better.

Every season has a specific part of the spectrum particularly allocated to them. While the winter season brings out the darker tones and the earthy hues, summer is all bright colors and lots of fun! Dull colors do not belong in this season, and 2016 is no exception. The runways have been vibrant this year, with designers bringing lots of dazzling colors to the mix. Bold has been the theme 2016 has been following and in accordance with that, bring out all your warm colored clothes for the summer!

Yellows and pinks

Yellow is a season favorite and pink in all its shade is definitely a summer color. This year, though, hot pink seems to have been the most worn shade of pink, while yellow had a place of its own at the runway. Whether you’re a fan of prints or more of a solid colored clothing person, you can wear yellow and pink any way you want. Both these colors seem to have made it big in the floral prints as well, which were quite popular this year at the runways. Moreover, the floral theme seems to have been a favorite when it comes to celebrities as well. Whether it be skirts, pants, or even bikinis, it’s floral everywhere! Another shade of pink that was a favorite of mine was coral. This color seems to be becoming one of the bigger trends this year and has already found a place in my heart and my closet!

Blues and black

Blue is one of those colors that makes up statement accessories! While black on the other hand is that gorgeous part of an outfit that you couldn’t do without. Both of the colors are mainstream colors during the summer and can definitely be incorporated into your summer wardrobe! Sammydress coupons make this job much easier!

White and bright greens

White is summer color, no doubt! It is the epitome of cool and one color that your summer wardrobe would not be complete without. And how could we ever miss the greens? Headed to the beach, a light green beach suit would be the perfect thing to go for! Also used in many floral prints, this is another summer color you cannot miss out on!