Additional Lenses Features

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Additional eye Lenses Features

Normally, when most people think of eyeglasses, they think of the frames. Lenses are seldom given the importance they truly deserve and even more rarely, considered for the additional features they offer. Beyond the fact that you can engineer the lens to suit your needs, whether it be the material it is made of, its thickness or even its shape, you can enhance your lens even further.

Modern technology has made lots of things possible, and even though the advancements are still somewhat expensive, they are definitely worth the money. If you think you can’t afford the added expenses, or just think that the new features are a waste of money rather than actually being useful, then you can use the help of zenni optical coupons to cater to your expenses a little. Moreover, the notion that these features are not useful could not be more false. Here’s what you need to know about what else you can do with your glasses lens and how it is worth your time and money.

Resistant To Scratches

Hard coated covering of the lenses of your glasses ensure that even if the material the lenses are made of is soft, which in most cases it is, the lenses will still be resistant to scratches, as much as glass is. This is especially useful in cases where the glasses will probably be handled by younger children. Moreover, it is not only the kids you need to be wary of. Considering how soft the materials that lenses are made of are getting, it is highly possible that you could ruin your glasses as well. Scratches on the lenses only make for unclear vision and irritation, therefore, anti-scratch coatings are an absolute must for lenses.


Anti-Reflective Lenses

Now this is another feature that has become an absolute must. From glares in photographs to better eye contact and preventing all sorts of reflections, anti-reflective coatings are a blessing in disguise. While previously, such reflections were known to reduce the optical capabilities of lenses causing clarity and contrast deficiencies, anti-reflective lenses reduce the probability of that happening. It makes life much easier for people who tend to wear glasses around the clock.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Ultraviolet Blockers

If this isn’t an advantage, then I don’t know what is. With UV rays increasing in concentration in the atmosphere due to damage to the earth’s ozone layer, it is necessary to do everything in your power to protect yourself from these. While it is widely known that UV rays increase the incidence of skin cancer, they also increase the chances of people developing cataracts and having more degenerative eye problems. It is, therefore, necessary that if you do wear glasses, then to have them coated with UV treatment. While some types of lenses materials like polycarbonate and high index plastics have built-in ability to protect from such harmful rays, other materials like CR-39 plastics do not. So if your lenses are made of such materials, it is necessary that you get them coated for protection from UV rays.


Photochromic Lenses

They act like sunglasses in the outdoors and like normal eyeglasses when indoors.