3 Hot Stuff Sunglasses You Need To Own

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Every season has it’s specific, traditional look! Summer means showing a lot of skin, baggy clothes that seem form fitting, lots of slits and hats, and of course, sunglasses. The summer look could not be complete if you do not sport a sexy pair of sunglasses on top.

If you’re the kind of person that can’t decide on one pair, then Zenni Optical Coupons can probably help you out with that! However, two types of sunglasses that were the trend for the longest time were the aviators and the rectangular sunglasses. They still haven’t left the runways with lots of designers having used them in their spring/summer collection this year. However, as trends change with every passing year, 2016 has had a little bit of a spin with the sunglasses this year. Here are some of the designs that made it to the trendiest sunglasses this year.

The cat eye

A vintage design brought to life by designers in that last couple of years, the cat eye seems to have made it big this year with designers using it an immense lot in their looks and outfits. A classic design that screams sassy and sexy, yet still classy, the cat eye takes the sunglasses game to a whole new level. It brings hardcore competition to the floor this year, and goes with the theme of bold that has been dominating runways in 2016.


The round eyewear

Another one of my absolute favorites, the round sunglasses make everything seem so much more fun than it actually is. Pair up a dull outfit with some dark, round sunglasses and you’ll look like a fashion icon. If you appreciate a bit of spunk and sass in your everyday look and like giving off fun, super active vibes, then this is the frame for you! Add a little bit of glitter and embellishment to the frame and you’re ready to mesmerize!


The over sized stuff

Whether it be eyeglasses or sunglasses, looks like the oversized glasses trend is here to stay for the next couple of years at least! If the bold theme that designers sported this year at the runways wasn’t enough indication, then these sunglasses will definitely make you put on your brightest and boldest outfit! The oversized sunglasses dominated the runways this year as well. The give a pixie like quality to your face that seems enchanting.