3 Brands With The Best Deals On Lipsticks


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Makeup is a woman’s arsenal, and I carry this with me whenever I go shopping. You can never really have too many lipsticks, is what I believe, and I’m sure many women out there do too. So when you go makeup shopping, the one thing on your mind after finding something you love is that what if it’s too expensive? That is a deal breaker for many women. It definitely has been for me! What a woman needs in a lipstick other than the perfect color or creaminess is a darn good price, and by that I mean, the most affordable price on the block.

Very few brands have been able to incorporate quality with affordability in their lipstick collections. If you’re someone who loves buying new makeup, especially lipsticks, but doesn’t like splurging money, here are 3 brands that will make your life much easier. With many of their lipsticks being sold at less than $10, you might have just hit the jackpot with these.


One of the brands you often overlook when makeup shopping is NYX. With its gigantic collection of everything pretty and bright and attractive, NYX gives you the ultimate experience with makeup, especially lipsticks. Their lipstick collection is definitely eye-catching, with more colors to experiment with than you could have possibly thought of and not just in one type, but many. Their matte and glossy lipsticks will make your day, and their funky names only add to the hype about NYX’s lipsticks.

NYX Lipsticks


This brand is making a name for it quite swiftly, with them improving their packaging and having some of the best products, there’s no doubt that Essence is one of my favorite, most affordable brands. If you haven’t paid attention to it before, girls, it’s time to look this way! One of their products that I absolutely loved was their lip stains! And yes, they stay on for longer than you think, giving your lips a more natural look, and are perfect for casual settings. If you aren’t a fan of extremely bright colors, or want some for everyday use, like going to college or university, trust me, Essence is a winner!


The one brand I will vouch for easily is Maybelline. Their lipsticks have never disappointed and other than their absolutely lovely collection, their prices are pretty affordable too. That is pretty much a deal breaker for me! You don’t often find quality and affordability in one package, but when you do, you must grab onto it! The best part about their lipsticks is how extremely hydrating and creamy they are! You don’t even need your lip balm anymore. Maybelline lipsticks will do the trick. For anyone looking for variety as well, it is hard to not find a color you love in Maybelline’s Lipstick collection.

If you are following a tight budget and think that these brands still require a little bit of splurging, head to Kohl’s or subscribe to their email list and get your hands on Kohl’s coupons that make you forget your inhibitions when buying makeup.